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Welcome to Brighton Graffiti

6 June 2007

This website has been made to serve as a gallery for the new graffiti art work which has recently been commissioned by the Brighton council and local graffiti artists to uplift the image of their work in Brighton. There is also graffiti from other areas of Brighton such as the marina where there is a lot of graffiti work. There are a number of areas in Brighton with new graffiti, here are a few:

New England Street Graf Jam.
Kensington Street, North Lane.
Middle Street, the South Lanes. Side of Urb shop.
Prestonville Road, Seven Dials. Age Concern HQ.
St George’s Mews. Hairdressers.
The Level Park. Next to the toilets.
There have been such graffiti artists as Seen, Banksy and many many more.

To give you an idea of the scale of some of the graffiti pieces, The ‘Wall Art’ Project was a collaboration between Age Concern and local graffiti artists Paul Barlow and Alex Young. To enable the whole wall to be decorated a 16m vehicle mounted platform was used.

For further information of all things graffiti related please take a look at our links page. There many links to other graffiti related websites from the legalities with graffiti to the history and different styles of graffiti.

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